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  1. Any kids watching this have a real good look ,this is 100% evidence what DRUGS do to you ,1st stage,its telling just a few white lies,,,stage 2…..Maladaptive fantasy syndrome , exessive fantasizers dont feel thats its a lie in there imaginary world ,stage 3 ,,psychosis ,its a condition of the mind it involves loss of contact with reality ,unusual or bizarre behavior difficulty with social interaction and impairment in carrying out daily lifes activies ,,,so kids u have been warned ,DONT TAKE DRUGS OR YOU WILL END UP LIKE BILL HERRMAN .ABUSIVE DRUG TAKING .ITS A NO NO

  2. I know what I had hover not all long ago and several hours before a sunrise and electrical storm just about over head was not nothing we got and advanced unless so many just don't even know. I'm still unsure if shouldn't of grabbed me and almost regret to look up and instantly send back to wherever I guess came from. I know electrical storm and what hovering/flying didn't matter if all electricity was there.

  3. I don't know and some these are interesting in what ways but also such there bad thing is anyone who's borrowed or had owning of recording c could do anything as far hypnosis and recalling something that wasn't. Hate to throw fraud and most all just big part love to believe but any fake of something can float anywhere since person ever possible to record anything.

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Alien Abductions Episode One: The Bill Herrmann UFO Encounter. (Video)

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