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  1. Oh! I only now realized that the Alien was asleep at the escape pod. Dreaming about killing, lol… I never got why it was so passive for that one moment…

  2. 0:25 when I first saw this, I laughed when it barked at them and ran away. It reminded me of a muppet. And I thought it was kind of weird that in the commentary for the movie, that it was said that Ripley wanted her and the Alien to have sex somehow.

  3. So mind telling me what exactly did The Alien do to Parker?
    I mean, he obviously killed him with the inner jaw, but, between the tail going "Woop" and Parker letting out a blood-curdling scream, I don't know what exactly the Alien did to him.

  4. the fact that with good lightning, editing and clever costume design, theyre able to create more fear that the latest film from the franchise outstands me.

  5. I saw this movie at the Charles theatre in Boston when it came out in 79.
    I will never forget the stunned silence as the audience exited the theatre.

  6. You missed the few seconds before the alien attacks Brett. The alien was hanging from the ceiling just like the chains. (I didn't notice this until I watched the movie for the third time, the alien really blends with the background!)

  7. Maybe these have been mentioned before but you missed two subtle sightings of the alien. Right before Brett dies, you can see him hang in the chains. Also, when the ship computer says T-minus 1 minute until detonation, there's a fast shaky tracking shot that lasts only a second or two, but if you pause the frame you can see the alien lying next to the fall.

  8. And thus a sci-fi legend was born, literally lol plus the legendary jones the cat, the only character in the whole franchise to look an alien in the dome, give zero fucks and live to tell about it

  9. 🆘 Final ❗ ❗ ❗ report 📄 of the commercial 💸 starship 🚀 Nostromo, third 3⃣ officer 👮 reporting. The other members 👨 👱 👷 of the crew – Kane ❌, Lambert ❌, Parker ❌, Brett ❌, Ash ❌ 👤, and Captain Dallas 👋 ❌- are dead 💀 💀 💀. Cargo 📦 and ship 🚀 destroyed 💣 💥. I 👀 should reach the frontier 🌎 in about six 6⃣ weeks. With a little luck 🍀, the network 📡 will pick me up 👆. This is Ripley 😍 😍 😍, last survivor 🚹 of the Nostromo, signing ✏ off 📴.

  10. " the xenomorph " what they dont know is that theres an shole hive of them 😀 good luck
    wait i just remembered this " xenomorph " is only an drone there are warriors too also preatorians who guard the queen

  11. When I was a kid, I taped this movie off of HBO. I watched it god who knows how many times. It was a 4 head VCR so I was able to watch the scenes with the Alien frame by frame to get a look at it. I almost watched them as much as the nude Kelly Preston scene in "Mischief".

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Alien (1979) All Sightings of the Xenomorph (Video)

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