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  1. at 2112 you look up and can u see the laid down logs? find that in an earlier sequence too. was by the creek you'd just mentioned the size of one of the tree nearby. but in a few areas now the same thing? trees felled n laid out like a hurdle straight in a race track. I'm noticing this a lot in video feeds area wide. maybe the structures or wood manipulation is to hinder prey or humans? PS thanks for replying again. I'm ex forces and sadly I'm getting thru the affects from the many active deployments I did. however I know I have a lot to offer this search. I will follow your feeds and keep in touch. I just lost my dog who was my best pal. but I'm now for first time able to act just on my own wants n needs. so I will get over there and test the waters so to speak. with a view to committing myself to this long term. been a passion since childhood and I cannot wait much longer be I do it! loving your methods and wind sock or no. it's awesome my friend. stay safe

  2. The video got shakey when filming that new tree break as you were driving. There must have been one in the area watching you. Great video Jonathon.
    Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday season.🎄🎁🍭

  3. When you zoomed in at 8:44 I think you caught some squatches, def two young faces almost at center screen and a darker face above them and to the left that looks like snarling german shepard, very tall. Also may be a large reddish squatch to the right of the juveniles

  4. I saw the bigfoot at 6:26 and then again at 6:53. I was just curious why you didn't film him longer? Was curious if you were worried he might see you or was there something you heard? He was not up close but it was such good video of it. Thank you.

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Alabama Bigfoot It took off running…. (Video)

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