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  1. I hope you don't take this wrong because I enjoy your nature walks and videos. That being said 1st when I am stalking and researching I always walk into the wind so that my sent never gives me away, 2nd I always fox walk, even if it takes me an hour to travel 100 feet. 3rd I never talk, I only use waist high slow hand motions if I have a partner with me. you may ask how does that help. well I've walked up and touched the tail feathers of an Alabama Gray Owl snoozing on a low limb. I've also walked up on an 8 point buck laying down behind a downed tree 6 feet away from me. these things take practice, but rest assured if there is a Bigfoot out there you will never prove it with the methods you are using

  2. Hi Jonathon
    I was wondering if you could help me out. While I am waiting for your new stuff to come out i started watching a guy from Memphis who has just started out but is hurting for a proper camera/movie, unfortunately I live in Ireland so I cannot visit a bestbuy or store like that to ask what would work best. Do you have any recommendation on a decent camera for this guy to start with, I will buy it and just send it to his address. Thanks for any help you can give me Jonathon. keep up the brilliant work


  3. At 6 minutes you stop. Did your internal alarm go off? Your Intuition telling you – STOP! Yep. You showed your gun. You weren't alone in the woods. Do you spray neutralizer on you when you go out? I'm thinking of doing that myself. I went out myself today and had a rock thrown in the lake after I entered their chill spot by accident following leans. Is this the same location where you were chased out before? I am certain they reside in one location and don't move about.

    Your 9mm will stop a brown bear with good shot placement. https://www.americanhunter.org/articles/2016/8/10/alaska-outfitter-defends-fishermen-from-raging-grizzly-with-9mm-pistol/

  4. Good video,definitely interference when you restarted you’re camera after checking if u been flanked,slot of people think that sort of interference is Bigfoot related,and as most of the time when interference occurs people are having B/f experiences it just might be true!,

  5. You know, I enjoy these treks in the Alabama forest. But I must address something. All too often, people want to sit at their computers and harshly critique a video, like the ones Jonathan makes. So, I will critique the critics. If you have never gone out and done something like this, you really have no room to talk. As it has been said by several researchers before, if you think you can do better, prove it. Go out and show us all that you really do know more than everyone else, that you can juggle several pieces of equipment at the same time, and get evidence. Prove it. Otherwise, all you are doing is trolling, and that means that your comments mean nothing. I am a lifelong hunter and woodsman with over 30 years experience in the woods. I was also in the Army. It has hard to try and deal with several pieces of equipment, be observant, and maintain silence, all at the same time. Give it a rest folks. Jonathan goes out and does what others will not do. He knew what he was opening himself up to when he started this channel, yet he keeps going, and posting. You do not have to sound like a jerk to critique something. Be honest, but there is no reason you cannot be polite. It is called "constructive criticism".

  6. Jonathan, Hello again from Oklahoma. I have a general question on your perception of the creatures' behavior. Do you, in a general, or specific way, feel that these things mimic what they see or have their own behavior.. and thus follow behavioral patterns we have seen in other or larger primates? I don't mean to be so sociological in this question but only to frame the question in a simpler form. Do you think they follow (as primates) those behavioral traits or learn from us over the many years, human traits and patterns.. such as calling out, tree knocks, speech (as limited as you choose to declare), showing of teeth, then full out and out patterns, like crying out, tempers or possessiveness?
    Secondly; What is the general size of creature(s) do you see and/or expect to see as you search? What kind of response from they do you get upon incidental sightings?? Consistently or depending upon the situation or individual? I'm just getting out and investigating cases here in Ok, as the weather cools off and the bugs and snakes resign, so I thought I'd better know what kind of temperament(s) to expect to deal with.. I can provide my e-mail if you would like to compare or share info rather than on this format. Thanks a bunch,

  7. Thanks for posting Jonathan. Always enjoy looking at the beautiful scenery you have there in Alabama and it's very squatchy to say the least. Take care fella.

  8. Spooky is the right word for it ! What an eerie setting, you could have made this your Halloween special. Have you ever thought of investigating in a graveyard especially to make a Halloween episode ? I think that would be fun.

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Alabama Bigfoot Bigfoot and the Hiker Part 2 (Video)

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