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  1. All bs we don't have skinwalkers , Bigfoots , dogmen , ufo's and some other dumb American shit in India…. all we have are some rapists ….he may have seen one of them ..

  2. SHIT.. SHIT.. SHIT…
    Everyone stay calm, relax…NO, DON'T!!!
    That's not a skin tagger at all,
    U NEED worry. Truthfully,u all woulda be better off if it was a skin tagger…. Oh that's somethin way, way, wwaaaay worse…

    Sighin…..christ, what true nightmares are made of… thats my wife!!!
    Creepy shit yea I know, highly dangerous…
    Just…well u will have enough time to roll in a ball,better at full run, while hittin a wall head down, while tryin to ram,jam,smash,jiggle,wiggle,ping pong ur head straight toand off ur Ass, so u can kiss it goodbye that's about it.
    U know what they say…

  3. Any animal that has a genetic encoding to be predatory will chase you if you run. This means wild carnivores and domestic dogs. The guy claims he hid behind a fence and took a photo. Sorry, I don't buy it. Even a run of the mill dog is going to smell him out by sniffing the air and the ground. To me, this is a hoax.

  4. Anytime someone “stares/gazes” at something for an extended period of time, our eyes begin to “play tricks on us” like his witnessing it transforming… If it “felt”threatened, then it wouldn’t have waited for a period of time to shape shift. And in fact, Native Am Indian tribes do have the ability to take on the animal shape and such when they’re wearing the pelts/skins of the given animal. Just b/c most don’t witness it or know about it doesn’t mean it isn’t real or true and most of people 8n society can’t handle the truth on some things as mankind still depletes/kills off what they fear/do not know or understand about as they won’t (oftentimes) TAKE the time to understand what the differences are before making a judgment call. . . Like The Endangered Species Act.

  5. ??? Has someone confused Indian (as in 'from India') and Navajo Indian (as in 'Native American'), because I don't see the connection. A skin-walker is from Navajo legends not from India.

  6. We were driving through the woods on the back roads at midnight to get back to our house. We had driven for about an hour and had two more to go. There are stoplights along the road but there had been a gap in between the next one and last one. So we approached, not expecting anything. But this pale humanoid crawled on all four onto the road. It looked at us, it’s eyes were black. My mom hit the petal and we accelerated to fast for an human to dodge. This thing jumps over our car and appeared weightless. And disappeared into the darkness. The worst thing was, our sun roof was open.

  7. Looks like a dinosaur 🦖 , I’m married to a full blooded Navajo and you don’t dare mess with those things….you don’t even ask a native about them!

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