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  1. I have seen something very similar in shape, larger and without the lit edges, Wednsday (Sep 12th).
    I am approx. 50 km south of Hanover, Germany. Early Weds morning, while it was practically still dark, I went outside for a cigarette and in the east there was a huge solitary dark cloud (well defind) in the shape of rectangle with rounded corners tilted like a clock hand on 2:00 o'clock, with two "contrails" marks sticking out of it at the position of 3:00 (like rods) Since I heard faint sound of a passanger jet, I was observing it, but the contrails did not get any longer or shorter. I went all around the house and there was no other clouds, the sky was as "clean" as we seldom see. Because of my job, I needed to go inside and 40 minutes later: gone !!! Not a trace of it or the "contrails" or other clouds.

  2. It looks like it was taken through a car windshield hence, it's either a reflection (possibly dome light) or maybe the outline of his rearview mirror.
    As a former UFO field investigator, this doesn't resonate as real at all. Especially when the claimant identifies as husband/father (or mother, wife, inn-keeper ,candlestick maker etc) as if that makes them immune to hoaxing. I call BS on this one.

  3. We are already in a time where we can no longer assume UFOs are extra-terrestrial. Our military already has anti-gravity and even self-cloaking aircraft such as this. Of course, we obtained the technology from extra-terrestrials, many who live here among us and traded for it.

  4. This is BS I think. What kind of oblate spheroid would snap a pic of this? You would know nobody would believe you. Dude didn't figure to take a video recording? Phishy story..

    On the 18th on the 74?
    They meant to tell you 9 to the 11

  5. My 5 year old daughter keeps waking up crying at night saying that spaceships and monsters are coming to kill us and I need to be ready to kill them. She also keeps saying that they are hiding inside the clouds and even points to things in the sky she swears is there and calls me stupid cuz I can't see them.

  6. Anyone ever read the book or see the sci-fi TV movie, " Loss of Innocence ". I think that is what is coming, the Bible hints at it. Not all UFOs are bad. Some are time travelers or people fixing their devices.

  7. Of course it’s alien ship. Everybody should listen Robert Rodriguez interview, it is unbelievably true story. He was slave on mars and Sirius , his recollection in detail was so good.

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