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  1. Fake or not, theres other proofs of them existence, don´t start with crap of wrong writing please, i not speak english, but i believe that human are stupid in industrial levels, sooooo would not be so shoking that all the wonderful creatures of the undersea with a little bit of inteligence want to hide of these shit of species….marmaids exist but if someone catch one, just imagine the slaughter….they are better were they are now.

  2. 1. The video is nit from china but Croatia.

    2. They might do exicte, think about it, all tohose painting of them in caves, viking ships, Egiptians even had them on walls and they didnt have sea there for centuryes. All these aichent people had the same drawing, but had no contact with each other!

  3. อันนี้ของจิงโว้ย พวกเด็กเปรต พวกเอ็งมันก้ ไอ้พวกไกล้เกลือกินด่างเสมอแหละ งั้อะไรๆที่พวกเอ็งเชื่อว่าจิง กูจะพูดเต็มปากว่า เก๊ แม้แต่ลมหายใจพวกมึง หัวดอ

  4. Interesting! I'm guessing there's a reason behind the inconvenient truth… to the sightings. I'm sure there will be always "almost" and I'm glad there are many of them. Our human race is destructive and we don't deserve the definite truth.

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A mermaid almost get caught by fishermen (Video)

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