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  1. The Smokey's could certainly provide massive acreage for a family of large bipeds to live unnoticed for the most part. Heavy wood, deep, impassable ravines, rocky outcrops, caves and visibility in the mountain laurel thickets is minimal at best. If your mind's eye can imagine a creepy, cool, quiet place that just feels full of spirits….can be very claustrophobic as well in the deep forests.

  2. Have there been any cases of people attacked and drug out of their cars? I'd feel safer sleeping in my car than a tent.

  3. 1st off… Love your narration Lynn. It keeps you interested and is spoken so well. And in what's seeming to be the era of computerized voices it's refreshing!
    Secondly, I was recently watching another Bigfoot channel and in the comments section there was a debate about how supposedly things get quiet when a sasquatch is present. 2 researchers were in the woods at night talking about how there were Bigfoot around them. It also talking about the sounds of the forest . (Which was evident in the video). So a commenter called b.s. on their story.due to the whole "everything gets quiet " theory. The researcher clapped back saying it's not always the case.

  4. Hey you guys, that story from the other video about some army units killing a sasquatch reminds me of that other story about a SF unit what killed a 15 foot giant in Afghanistan.

  5. I use to camp out when I was a kid and young adult and sometimes hunt with my boyfriend back in the 60's and there was never any strange reports or going ons in the woods. Now it's everywhere, can their population be growing. Hunting is on a decline from when I was young and yet there are more Bigfoot sighting. It could just be that information is so easy to get that there may have been just as many Bigfoot but only a few people knew or a local paper. I also think we have the equipment to go deeper in the woods. Missing people are now being reported, and I do think they eat people. Why wouldn't they, they do not have a "human" moral code anymore than a lion does. They may view us different than a deer but that doesn't mean that if they are really hungry they wouldn't eat us. People with guns have been reported as less likely to go missing, that is per John Paulitus. People alone in the forest are just too easy a meal. Everything else have some kind of defence: speed for one. We have absolutely nothing except guns. No only that I think we are looking at the North American Apex Animals.

  6. Did you say boo to scare him off
    He'd probably take off running
    Or your smelling each other and no pitchers or camera no hair no shit ether ?? Like this story

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