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  1. His legs look very strange. Like they r on backwards? I dont know. Looks like an older Mercedes Benz on side of building. I dont think that tall being would fit in it ,at all.
    So, the tall being is with the others. The being seems robotic. Might be a military robot . 🌐🌏🌐🌏👽

  2. Yes! I agree! The super soldiers, and the offspring of manipulated DNA is mockingly being displayed right in front of our faces!
    I do like the 2nd video better, though was still impressed with the first with this finding!

  3. genesis 6 and the book of enoch will explain it…..david fought one…the children of israel were suppposed to fight them…when ppl accuse God of being …whatever evil things they say about Him for killing men women children babies and animals in canaan now you know why…this will be again….the bible says so….these are called nephiliam….half angel half human…

  4. Your dumb as shit that looks like a regular tall guy ik a kid I use to go to school with he was even on tv because he is so tall he is taller than that dude in the video and nephilim are supposed to be 13 feet or taller

  5. You disagree with the fact the guy is indeed 20 feet in front of the others on top of hill, which we can see with our eyes is exactly why no one takes conspiracy theorist seriously. You can't have thousands of people see this guy while in Ferguson during the riots, and think no one is going to say anything about a guy who looks 12 foot tall. Get out of here, 606k views. you deserve 0.

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A Giant Nephilim soldier in our military (Video)

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