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  1. I like this would be cool if you could make scary sounds with it more if you could make out the howling and growling also werid sound like with the stories but I love this alot keep it up it's amazing 😎

  2. Interesting to say the least, but unfortunately. Not even remotely scary, or even spooky to me. I gather do to my own life experiences, I have no sense of fear. At least not since I was 5 years old, so i'll leave it as to simply say. I no longer feel any form of fear, my natural instinct is to fight. So if say a monster suddenly appeared, while everyone else would most likely respond with fear and running away. I go into some kind of beserker mode, without hesitation I'd charge straight at the monster/unusual creature. I am also the type of person who doesn't carry weapons at all.
    I can venture into the wilderness, completely Unarmed. Yet return hours or even days later, the same as I was when I entered. Then again, I've always been more comfortable in nature than in the civilized world. Who knows, I could even be one of these monsters/creatures so many fear. Just in the guise of being a person, remember it is wise to expect the unexpected!

  3. I heared story of skinwalkers when i was growing up on both sides of my cherokee n apache family tree I was told never talked about them because they Will show up n torture u even kill u if they get into your house. Theirs one old story my grandpa told me about this Cherokee shamle man who killed almost his whole tribe to become a full skinwalker but he was stop by the chief n 3 braves legend has it the shamle man is still alive n is trap under a mountain some where on the Cherokee land because I went to the Cherokee tribe once n when I was their I been camping at this water fall but I won't tell which one but the place just gave me the creeps.

  4. this are lies dogs dont grase horses grase and last night there was a story with a beach in vermont
    dont believe any of this it was cool to leason to this untell i herd these lies

  5. The person who claimed they were 3 was lying… no one can remember that much detail if any at all at that age…. fake story

  6. Wait, these things look like wolves and coyotes most of the time. So… I would be in major trouble If I saw one of these, Wolves and Coyotes are my two favorite animals, so I would probably just stand back and watch. What's also scary is I once thought I saw a large shadow when I got up one morning and my vision was blurry, but the scariest part was that My house was completely dark when I saw that shadow. So I think that either means I'm a strange kind of mutant that needs to find a real-life X-Men Team, I witnessed something paranormal, or it might have been somewhat bright in my house and saw my own shadow, but I remember it being completely dark. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  7. So people say these things are 6-7 feet tall. Well I'm 6'3 and my brother is like 6'6. So if a Skinwalker saw us it would be confused XD.

  8. Interesting how everyone who submits a 'real' story has a basic understanding of pacing plot and metaphor when storytelling. Almost as if they are just stories… hmm…

  9. Girl: i-i saw something…
    Me: where?
    Girl: I was walking through the woods at night at 3:00 am and I saw a monster!
    Me: FIRST OF ALL, why where you walking in the woods at 3 am at night?
    Girl: cause I gangster wangster😎😎😎😎😆😀

  10. Love these skinwalker stories, although I wish you didn't use a Huldre labeled as a skinwalker on the thumbnail… 🙂

  11. after watching your channel non-stop, i realized if i saw anything like these i would go ballistic, sword, gun, i have never had one of these experiences but i know i would go into fear-madness.

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