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  1. i dont believe that we are alone in this big universe,
    evan is the odds 1 in a billion than there is still can be millions of habitat planets
    with live on it, but dont forget, the universe is build with all the same
    materials we know, so we are here, they are out there,

  2. I truly believe it is "not so locked away" technology and I have always suspected one day they will perpetrate an alien hoax. Lights in the sky, flying in formation, is now being used by Disney for night time entertainment.

  3. It's always an interesting topic. I do think many can be explained, but who knows. I do believe there is life out there somewhere, but since we don't even know what's past a certain point in space it's to say! I understand eople wanting to conect and find someone else out there tho! Thumbs up!

  4. I'm super cool I love UFO sightings, enjoying your channel gave you a thumbs up watch the whole thing and I've hit the magic red support button. Please come by the fish sandwich show and check us out we think you'll like it

  5. those flashy orange thing is like lanterns to me. but still cant explain why some flew in certain patterns. coincidences?
    but the cloud one was interesting. or could it just be some cloud. not really an object. interesting though.

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