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  1. He's smoking a cig after he gets a attacked yeah that's fake considering what idiot in that moment go's hey I just got attacked by a vampire so why don't I sit here smoking while I bleed out

  2. The first one by no means suggests a vampire, it looks like the rake, which is believed to be an alien that got stuck on Earth, and has had multiple sightings. The second one could have been a vampire, because of his immense strength and no reflection, but I think it was probably a hoax. More intended for laughs, than anything. I mean a vampire getting pissed off about Twilight and beating the crap out of a bunch of people, doesn't that kind of scream horror comedy? I mean I can see why a vampire would get mad about that in all honesty, but still I do not think a vampire would get sent into such a rage, that they would risk exposing themselves. Number 3 was probably video editing. Number 4 was probably just cannibals. Cannibals have been known to drink blood. Number 5 could have just been a man losing consciousness from blood loss, but then regaining consciousness and feeling a little bit out of it.

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