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  1. I went to a zoo and I saw storks. I put my hand next to the fence cuz I'm stupid. NO SHIT, THIS THIS JABBED IT'S BEAK THROUGH THE FENCE AND TRIED TO STAB ME.

  2. Me: -act a restaurant with my mom – I’m so hungry that I could eat several people
    Me: hehe but darkness prevails said don’t feed the bears so when they escape the pen eat several humans
    Mom : wtf you need Jesus

  3. After more research I couldn't find any report or evidence of this it seems like the thing that would be reported so I'm going to say story 1 is suspicious

  4. I did some research and I can't find any way of sources of info that suggest you can have a pet black caiman and if it was illegal then when it was reported it would have been taken, also a coma for two weeks highly unlikely go watch the video about the woman who's leg was practically ripped off by a shark she wasn't in a coma and her injury is much worse than you described so by your logic she should have been in a coma for several weeks…(on second thoughts don't watch the video its graphic)

  5. I'm sorry but story number 1: If the caiman has just gotten an easy meal and retreated back to eat it, I is highly unlikely it will rush back leaving the easy meal to attack a larger animal that can fight back what's the point. Maybe it wasn't as fast paced as you said or you hit the caiman on the way in but even then it happened after you almost got out of the water, maybe the man didn't feed it but if the caiman had recently eaten a dog it would be quite full even if it was a day ago and I bet the man fed it so it wasn't desperate for food IDK maybe I'm looking into it to deeply but it just seems kinda suspicious

  6. One time I went to the zoo and all these little kids were running around in the polar bear exhibit…several ran into or stepped on me. I had no luck getting a good look at the bears, I got fed up and told my mom to move on and we'd come back later. She agreed and we walked on…not before I left a big ole smelly fart inside the exhibit. I hope a mom thought their kid shit themselves.

  7. Intro? EXCUSE ME How about y'all leave the animals in their home countries and stop using them for entertainment. Go entertain yourself

  8. Harambe wasn’t a monster! Those damn parents were for not watching their damn kids! Also no concert horror stories from a 5’2 girl who always goes to concerts alone.

  9. That polar bear reminds me of two polar bears in the Auckland New Zealand zoo, they were so distressed litterrlly losing their marbles, no enrichment toys , nothing, it was disgusting,. Then one day they were gone. But the zoo would not say what happened to them,. It was very sad watching them stand there packing on the spot.

  10. I heard one strange thing happen in a zoo that a city up in the north of Illinois that a pack of wild dogs attack and kill the zoo animals till they were shot and killed after the incident

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