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  1. Check out Bruce sees all. He does nothing but moon shots with a 14 inch telescope. He sees structures and things that seem to be biological flying across the moon

  2. Hello Rick, My name is Sam and I've been commenting on your vids for the past few days I am a long time fan, Currently on my channel I have 1 video from this Monday of a strange object in the sky. Can you please check it out and hopefully have it featured in a video. Thanks

  3. OMG Rick, you are such an amazing commentator. You give us such a real, authentic presentation. Your reactions are so visceral and it lends such a special tone of credibility to your content. Suppose that could be why YT is targeting you. Can't allow a channel with credibility to flourish….only the flaky inconsistent and sketchy information is promoted. Thank you so much for what you do. I will be participating in your Patreon as much as possible. You deserve to swim, not sink. Again, thank you…would love to get this community together in person and share info and stories. A girl can dream, right? Until then, we will all be watching! Much love, your energy is contagious!!!! β™‘β™‘β™‘

  4. What's up Rick love the vids check me out I'm just starting to do some vids an stuff nothing like u do but good work buddy look me up Todd Bradley

  5. Rick, I’d like to send you a video I filmed last week of a chem plane with an bright orb following behind it. For a good while. Would like to share if you are interested.

  6. Hi!
    I would have to say the second video is American White Pelicans. I live in an area were I see them flying over work all the time and they look the same, white bodies with dark wings. They are big bulky birds with a wing span of up to 9 feet are not great flyers. They hold their heads back instead of their necks out stretched as they fly so you don't always see them. Up high they can soar quit along time as they descend without beating their wings. Check out a video on the internet of them flying overhead and see if they don't look the same.
    There all fun and interesting to watch though. I like them all!
    Oh, I like your little kitty, very cute. I have 5 kitty's, their my best buddies!

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