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  1. Hey spooks! Great video, I really liked it. Any chance you can do some deer camera footage sightings? I keep hearing about people here in the USA finding creepy things on them. I’m tempted to get my soon since I live in northern New England and there are some weird things we see up here often enough in the woods.

  2. man, stop promoting secureteam10, thats one of the worst fake channels on youtube. every video you will find there, ALL OF THEM, are fake! everyone knows that, except their fans.

  3. you should do Haunted Hotels or haunted/abandoned Amusement parks…im not sure if you have done any of these or any lately.

    keep up everything you do!! you're amazing!!

  4. Amazing Video!❤

    Maybe you can do creepy videos caught on Christmas because of the Christmas time or something creepy who has do with christmas.🐱❤

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