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  1. HERMANS HEAD, OBAMA, WHO KNOWS ABOUT REINCARNAATION…and a delayed date like 23 0f september 2017, graily greetings, ONE 0f the CHILDREN FOUND 1793-1990, 10+2 purple something, better than NEON-WITHE……and t b c….

  2. U have any proof about this vedio
    Can u proof me how u can ssy that obama face at mars , have u cotect with nasa ,m telleing this becouse NASA never share her vedios and everything whuch they sow in any planet so, plz reply me if u have proof otherwise i will believe all vedios r fake only

  3. Not surprised there's ppl who believe these pics hold evidence of alien life. In the meantime everyone including myself are waiting for the real deal as its more fascinating then people's interpretations of mars pics of rocks & shadows.

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5 Mysterious Things In Mars Caught On Camera By Nasa! (Video)

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