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  1. just giving my two cents here. im not saying its anything at all… but I've worked on holywood VFX productions at a high level and Im telling you now that the footage of the white-sheet-like "creature" is either completely real of done by the best visual effect team on earth because that's one amazing bit of work if its vfx.

  2. “Some have suggested its a dolphin”. Who the fuck thought that thing was a dolphin? What dolphin have you ever seen that is flat, white, wispy and also flys through a building then out the other side and up into the air

  3. BRUH!!! 5:09 its a baby bear…….there are actually animals that are born sick and that allows to not grow any fur………and they sont look like what they are at all……..thats a bear …..but its ok if ya do t belive me …..i wont judge ……. this does not mean i dont believe in stuff lime that ….but thats obviously a sick bear that has not grown fur😥😧😧

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