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  1. My nan told me that when I was baby in 2006 there was a little ghost boy that watched me and played with me they told her that the boy was 7 years old and he was killed by someone I will never forget that time

  2. NEWS FLASH 🙂 Since the introduction of cell phones, over a billion of us have video cameras in our pockets. There is over a million reported sightings annually of which 5% go unexplained. That's still 50 thousand+ a year! (And those are just the ones that get reported). With the help of the internet, The evidence of ET life is overwhelming and has become increasingly more difficult to deny. And after being an absolute eyewitness to a daytime encounter myself, watching many thousands of UFO videos on YouTube, especially the NASA space videos, it is pretty evident to me that not only does intelligent alien life exist, the universe is actually teaming with it and there is pretty much an alien super highway going on off planet the minute you leave our atmosphere. (And spacecraft are not our only Cosmic Cohabitants) Its quite clear to me 🙂 Their here and have been for thousands of years. WE NOW RETURN YOU TO YOUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAMMING!

  3. I'm pretty sure my three little brothers and I saw ufo a while back. It was blinking many different colors and moving at a constant speed. And at one point it looked like it dropped a red light or object that faded while it dropped. Then it just bolted away.

  4. The footage of the very first video shown is shitty, but to be expected from the 80s. But there is nothing else in the video. There are no buildings, no clouds, nothing in the background to provide any form of perspective. So the UFO may not even be moving, the video may not even be a UFO in the sky, It might be a fly on a window. Just my 2 cents, makes it harder to believe. Although I don't believe in aliens anyways. No such thing, Earth is the only planet that supports life naturally.

  5. cool video, i film real ufos in flir thermal, i would say you got all real ufos, like i say if they look perfect the are faked, the ones you filmed and the f-18 filmed in thermal look just like what i filmed nightly over my house in southern oklahoma you got my thumbs u for being real footage thanks joey

  6. One time back in 2004, I was at a bowling alley in Rossford Ohio. I was only 22 years of age and was eating a lot of fast food at the time. Well me and a few close friends were having a few pitchers of beer while bowling. All of a sudden I felt it, a bellowing from my stomach. So as i run to the bathroom, it gets much worse.. When i finally made it into the bathroom, I couldn't make it 1 more foot, I had to go! So i dropped trow, and hoisted myself onto the sink. Where i proceeded to have the largest bowel movement of my life! The girth of this "thing" had to be around 5"! But the most impressive part was the length.. It had to be around 5'-6' long, and curled up around the bowl of the sink, like a perfectly poured bowl of soft serve ice cream. I could not believe what i had "created" so i went and grab my friends to com look at my glorious creation. After we all had a good laugh, we proceeded to hurry out of there and went to another bar. This was one of the best nights of my life, as not only did we have a lot of laughs and good times, but I also had some crazy adventures! (That is a whole other story) To this day, as I sit here at 36 years of age, I often look back and wonder, who was the poor soul, that had to clean the restrooms that night?.. Was he impressed at first of my accomplishment, or was he just disgusted, and quit his job before having to grab a shovel? Was he young, or old? Black, white, or maybe even brown? Does he too, often look back on that night in 2004?… Who ever, or where ever he is, I hope that he knows that I think of him often..

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