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  1. I will answer the question about what monster is hunting me.

    It's truly terrifying… It's always around me, doesnt really matter if it's day or night, bright or dark. It's always watching and waiting for the right moment.

    I asked couple people about it… not to many people wanted to talk about it…. Until the day I found out the name of it….. since then everything got worse, now the presence is even worse maybe because I know his name… I can't really tell. I will share the name with you guys because i know one that is going to get me and hope for none of you to ever be hunt it by it. You can run but not hide…..

    The name is…….. my student debt.

  2. I wonder if Darkness Prevails ever even questions whether these stories are BS. I know that my one little Subscribed Notice means absolutely nothing to the 259K he has. But I get tired of the really stupid, 6th grade level stories that no on would believe. For those of you that want something more mature and believable go to Beyond Creepy.

  3. What creature is stalking me?
    Probably my ex. She's programmed in my phone under… "Pure Evil!" Then again, it could be one of my other exs….. "Shady Ass" in my phone.. lol

  4. please, could you go back to just reading things in your normal voice? i listen to all your stuff, but it's very distracting to hear you trying to make your voice sound creepy thru the whole thing.

  5. So Chuck Norris is driving down a road at night, as he is driving he sees a skin-walker smelling the air in the middle of the road. Chuck drives closer to the skin-walker pulls up next to it, rolls down the window and says………

    need a ride?

  6. I wanna see at least one of the creatures 😂😂😂😃😄 and shit my pants 😄😄😄but there's nothing in my country like that ever happened 😐

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