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  1. Ohhh that spider has got balls comin towards people like that, a giant tarantula? WTF? they are giant enough! No no no nope no no! Thats just wrong, 😭😫

    ….hell no!

  2. Have not seen those pics, or the video of the frogman before! πŸ™‚ And soooo close to 100K!! Yay! <3 Great video, Thank You! πŸ™‚ <3

  3. Cool, I guess I'll watch this one first. The speech you gave at the beginning of your mental hospital sorta freaked me out a bit. I'll watch it when I'm NOT sitting in my dark basement. Best of luck mate, keep it up

  4. i watched that episode of mountain monsters before when
    they showed that clip.

    maybe you could, if you want to that is, do a
    five hell hounds caught on camera video.

  5. There are many big spiders that’s actually small if u compare it with others. No animal looks like that thing in the water. The frog thing looks fake as shit I’m sure if a drag thing saw ppl it would swim away. The hell hound could just be a wolf but idk bout that one. That thing in the forest looks like a fake Bigfoot thing. I mean cool video but the spider thing pissed me off so I wrote this

  6. Probably my freakiest experience with some weird "creature" was, i was walking through with woods with my dog, it was getting dark and was very foggy when all of a sudden in front of me passed a long, black thing, it looked like a human body but it moved incredibly fast, didn't touch the ground and made no noise, i thought i imagined it but my dog ran up to where it passed and was barking trying to chase it, when i looked at where it crossed on the pathway on both sides the trees and bushes were so thick nothing coulda jumped from/into either side, especially so fast and to make no noise

    Never seen it since but even though my friends and family know i don't lie, they won't believe me, super frustrating :')

    This was a super interesting video besides the spider, fuck that shit, and spider don't gotta be that big and charging at people like that! Fuck that thing!

  7. That was awesome! Brilliant video, Sir Spooks, I love your content! By the way, I personally believe the hellhound video to be a fake, but that doesn't make it any less cool!

  8. Love ur vids.
    Would like to see a spider that size in person. I’ll run 4 my life 😱
    I hope you have a spooky lovely V.days with chocolates. πŸ’žπŸ­πŸ•ΈπŸ²

  9. My parents always told me not to be afraid of spiders That they are afraid of you But this spider ran towards this people like he wanted them for breakfast lmao GREAT episode once again Sir SpooKs, you and you're video's are always aweSome !! Hope to see you soon again ThnX 4 this great compilation peace Greetzz love from Holland !

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5 Legendary Monsters Caught on Camera (Video)

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