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  1. Thank you all for watching. And, an extra thank you to our patrons for their support the last month. You know who you are, and you know that you have our gratitude! Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. – Laura and Erik

  2. You didn’t bother to mention that the doctor’s photo of Nessie was an admitted hoax made from a toy submarine. I guess the truth doesn’t garner as many views.

  3. Love teh content and explanation.

    I dont like the dark synth creepy music in the background, to me it is like fake laughter in a TV sitcom. It's just advice.

  4. Wasnt The Hook Island creature actually debunked as the trash bags secured to the water floor by rocks and sand, having been recreated by the debunkers?

  5. Hello, great vid. FYI The Irish saint you're talking about, it's pronounced: Cul-lim Kill. Also the name of a mountain here.

    Source: I am Irish

  6. We can't get deep enough in oceans and some lakes to be able to see what's really down there. As a result, all of these creatures could possibly exist. But until there is some actual proof, and not pictures of logs or plastic floating in the water, I'll certainly reserve judgement! Thanks for the video! 💜💙

  7. I love with the advent of HD Camera's, video recording devices and other devices able to catch quality images of these creatures suddenly POOF no one can ever find them again unless wielding some low quality grainy cell-phone or camera from the 70's….

  8. Yeah yeah! That’s always the deal! Someone has real proof of something like this and no no I’m not showing only telling…na na na!! Well we don’t believe you!!! The video the guy has is just the 1st episode of the Simpsons!! Lol No monster EVER reared up @ a boat!

  9. bigger things were in the ocean before, man didn't like that very much and proceeded to hunt them when they could. now you are saying that bigger things can be found again?

  10. Becareful not to MIX Kempenfelt Kelly with Ogopogo!
    Though both may be of the same species…
    One (Kelly) is in Ontario and the other (Ogopogo) is in Okanagan, British Columbia!!!
    The distance between the 2 lakes is 3057 km or 1900 miles from East to West !!!

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5 Lake & Sea Monsters Supposedly Caught on Camera (Video)

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