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  1. How would I react to seeing that masked prowler? "911? I am about to murder some masked stranger on my property. Send cops before a pool of blood is made. It ain't going to be mine."

  2. Me 2015-I feel like masks were a mistake…

    Me 1/2 2015- I feel like social media was a mistake

    Me 2016- I feel like clowns were a mistake

    Me 1/2 2016- I fell like cars were a mistake

    Me 2017- I feel like houses were a mistake

    Me 1/2 2017- I feel like humans were a mistake

  3. I don't believe into any sightings, mostly not the ones caught by you tubers who usually post videos about their house being haunted or they are attacked by a ghost. They are staging and faking it all.

  4. 1 clown in the woods against a group of men??? why not get weapons and beat the shit outta that joker??? or better yet, WHY NOT FUCKING KILL HIM AND BURY HIS CARCASS DEEP IN THE WOODS???!!!

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5 Creepy MASKED PEOPLE Caught on Camera (Video)

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