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  1. Hi Top 5s!
    Just to let you know that Top 5s Finest channel have copied your video, the one you recorded yourself of the Footman and his married woman. Only, in this video, they're saying that a woman recorded it

  2. Devices with battery or that are plugged in can be affected by spirits they can malfunction or drain the battery to get energy. And fuck off anyone who doesn't believe In spirits I don't want to hear any shit from anyone because you shouldn't be here if you don't believe end of.

  3. Any evidence from ghost hunters is no longer viable ever since they been found to have falsified evidence. I believe in the beginning ghost hunters were one of the most legit paranormal groups out at the time, but due to them not having any production control over their tv series, allowing the producers at syfy to fake evidence and strong arm the taps crew to go along with it, the crew ended up losing all credibility and their show cancelled. That is why zak bagans of ghost adventures was smart to make sure that he would always be a producer on his show, their for maintaining creative control and assuring that the travel channel would not interfere with the format of his show, nor force him to fake evidence. Now I will say that the earlier seasons of ghost adventures with just Aaron, Nick and Zak were way better, more legit and focused on the investigations than the production quality and dramatization of paranormal eyewitness accounts prior to the investigations, tho I maintain that in my opinion they have never faked evidence. Now I do believe sometimes some of their evidence may have been misconstrued or that some of their devices, such as the ovilous where they get texted single words generated from shifts in the emf, are not so accurate and that they read too much into the words generated and form an exaggerated narrative around the words generated, when to me the words appear to just be random with no relation to one another. As I said I don't believe they fake evidence, it's just that they are so willing to "believe"that the few times they get evidence that, to me, isn't really evidence, they automatically deem it paranormal. The vast evidence they gather tho is legit and their reactions to the paranormal is so real and spontaneous that, in my opinion, is truly genuine.

    Basically my rambling has a point. No more showcasing "evidence" from ghost hunters, they no longer have credibility, and I would like to see more genuine ,or rather (if you prefer) never been proven to have been faked, evidence from ghost adventures.

  4. Yes, but, do you really believe that,the ghost didn't see you filming from that close proximity and it just passed over at first instance, and the camera lenses started malfunctioning from the moment probably when it caught you filming, cz ghosts are incredibly fast.

  5. Ive seen figures b4, but i think what people dont understand with an hd camera the quality is so focused and there is no grain. Our human eyes when u unfocus on what u are seeing u generally can see static and like particle in the air, especially in the dark. Crappy cameras i find can get really :noisy" so your chances of seeing figures are higher i think…

  6. Both Ghost Hunters videos need to be thrown out of this top 5 since the Ghost Hunters crew has been known to fake evidence.
    IDK what to think of #1 (your video)… Some form of interference causing the malfunction… Pretty cool though.

  7. Freeze the screen at 6:29. Please tell me that's just a person standing part way in the door on the right.
    6:56 "More sleep, it doesn't matter anyway" male
    6:59 "Finish"
    7:00 'What happened?" female
    7:04 "It's hard" male
    7:11 'Come here"
    7:15 "Help her"
    7:17 "No! Ut uh uh!" male
    7:23 "YOU are our KING!" male
    7:31 "Gone sour"
    7:33 "Let us out!" male
    7:36 "The youngest person"
    7:41 "Go inside"
    7:46 "Dead end tricks!"
    7:47 ''Sorry," female, loud
    7:49 "You're OK"
    7:51 "Wow!" female whisper, evp?

  8. Wow that is amazing you can literally see it walking down the steps and its shadow on the floor I completely believe believe in ghost I seen one walk across the street and it was transparent then disappear it was the weirdest thing ever I didn't even see it at first I was actually 're watching a taping of a water balloon fight on my phone I wish I still had that phone……Great video thanks for sharing

  9. I watched this video years ago. Yesterday was my mother's birthday and we actually ended up going to longleat house. I thought it looked familiar, and I started recording everything after seeing the hologram, where the story was written on the wall next to it. I didn't end up catching anything though. Where is that staircase in the video? It was nowhere to be found in the tourist-allowed areas of the house.

  10. Holy crap! Your video is scary as hell with that moving shadow on the floor! All the videos are very creepy.but I believe you that you Didn't tamper with the video. I'm going to have to watch it again. 😰😲.

  11. I’m skeptical of your personal footage , simply because regardless of paranormal or not…. physics prove (and again regardless of paranormal), that light hitting an object will cast a shadow but there is no object and so no shadow would be cast .

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