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  1. Ok i watched the video for the fact that I just wanted to see a volcano. Not fucking hear a whole lecture about ppl losing homes and shit. News flash, no one fucking cares!

  2. I was in the Philippines and around the Mount Piñatubo in 1991! I have a great still shot of one of the eruptions. And by the way, a mud flow is called a LAHAR. Thanks for producing and uploading.

  3. Expect a volcano to explode or sinkholes or earthquakes, or any disaster under or near my house, or yours any time or any place…
    I am very sorry to say that the time is over…
    There is a lot around sciences, but very few of them scientists…
    This kind of people will lead people to the loss of land and their future…
    Who has ears to hear, let him hear…

    Yousif A Tobiya
    Forcibly displaced

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5 Biggest Volcanic Eruptions Caught on Camera (Video)

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