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  1. Seems EVERY single alleged sighting film has the same attributes; shaky camera view, heavy breathing, and unclear view of "bigfoot" followed by cam footage of wildly shaking all over the place view of leaves and footsteps away from the opportunity to zoom in. Instead, we just see the cameraman continue with low quality shaky camera view, heavy breathing and running away. It will be awesome if someday somebody actually can hold a camera still and zoom in…I guess no one thinks about that when they are pissing their pants. 😛

  2. 1:26 The body language and movement of that Bigfoot looks like that episode in Laurel and Hardy where they have a gorilla in a nightie in their room. As for the baby bigfoot, you can buy those gorilla baby puppets online. Check them out.

  3. Simple logic says their is no Bigfoot. Here is a couple questions that piss the Sasquatch researchers off. Ask them how their got to be such a huge population of them ? Every State claims to have multiple Sasquatch in it! So with a population that big why is evidence so hard to obtain it should be easy. Ask them why all the structures they are claiming that Sasquatch built have no hair or footprints all over ? The Sasquatch is supposed to be long hair! What happens when a long haired Animal rubs up against brush or trees ? And these structures are relatively new! Their were no reports of Structures 20 years ago but now they are building these bug structures! Animals do not evolve that fast! What happens is one Bigfoot believer says something then another one repeats it and bang it must be true lol its such a joke

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