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  1. Okay, the last one was clearly a neighbor or a friend or even a stranger. I think the guy filming thought it was a demon. At the end it backs outs and if you follow to the left of the frame, very slightly you can see it stand up, turn and run away to the left looking totally human, not demon, alien, or paranormal. So, either the guy filming is a good actor & he's in on it or he thinks its a demon and he's scared. But a human playing a trick or they're in cahoots, yes. Demon, alien, ghost, not even a little bit.

  2. God is allowing these beings to expose themselves from the other side their dimension because the world is evil and corrupt hes allowing them to be seen now. They are demons. Just like any other "fictonal" creature..bigfoot, mermaids, unicorns. Gnomes, fairys..etc

  3. Wow the last one sounds like he's really honest. The way that thing walks off camera fades an then all the sudden appears back in the same spot.. Yea, I believe in the paranormal an we are in the end times. I know it's hard to believe but that Vail is getting so dam thin and if no body believes you, I say Hell with them. You know what you saw Because these things are still out there weather people believe it not….. Pray if you see something like that an Pray hard!

  4. Im sorry my comment was for the last creature. The one on the roof has been viewed many times before on youtube but the last one I had never viewed before. SCARY

  5. If this is legit…It is by far the MOST TERRIFYING footage I have ever seen on youtube! I can't make out any features as therefore, it is very hard to tell. However, The uploader seems genuinely scared.It could be just a person…but from what I can see it certainly seems to be some kind of creature! The thought of this thing creeping in my yard or( God forbid my house) I would be out of there forever. This is what nightmares are made of. Simply terrifying! Poor guy I'm saying a prayer for you!

  6. Number 2 video have seen before, the person shooting video had posted that 1 third he had heard strange noises at night and in the drain pipe several yards from his backyard ,he found the source of the noises …. the Rake , he did the same but alittle more freaked out lol but that one went around a couple different formats to can someone tell me what this is and is it dangerous ? then after that last video, there were no more updates

  7. Number 4 I believe was debunked long ago – hologram at some amusement park (?) and Number 3 looks suspect. Not only is the figure see-through (the tree can be seen through its chest and head) but it seems to shake along with the camera movement. It’s almost as if it’s a smudge on the lens. Number 1 is wearing underwear and seemed to stand and walk upright once it’s far back.

  8. Number 3 vid is Literally bird shit on the windshield! It's not moving the camera is. Look closer and it obviously in the fore ground not the background. Is this some kind of gullibility test? If so you lose. Stop putting up obvious fakes shill.

  9. I went to the guys channel from # 4 and asked how can you tell it is evil ? I got lot's of hate, my point is we cannot tell if something is evil just by looks.

  10. We live during a time were people can make short videos that are equal to the quality that Hollywood produces, and people access, copy and manipulate of already made computer generated imagery for those videos.
    Why hasn't anyone said these images look like Gollum from Lord of the Rings?

  11. The first one could be a frog, we have no sense of scale. The second one you said that they only realised the thing stalking the moose after reviewing the footage, how the hell could you miss it, you're looking straight at it. The last one, there's something not right about it, can't put my finger on it but, I smell something fishy.

  12. You can tell all of these are fake as fuck. Dark Matter Jeez dude start uploading realistic Videos that has evidence. stop randomly picking fake ass videos off interent and just trying to get views it's not good for fans off your channel.

  13. HI sweetheart. These are OK but I no longer discount ANYTHING seen or filmed. I've seen things at different ages of my life that I have no doubt about. Yet if told one person and I was immediately called crazy.
    There are things we simply cannot find answers for.
    Think I'll spend an hr on Dark Matter tonight.
    Haven't heard your voice in awhile.. missed you.
    As for the rake, I saw one above Salerno (Italy) late one night in 67 behind the ruins overlooking the city. My heart was pumping for 20 mins!

  14. Sorry but that last one just looked like a naked guy crouching. Prank or hoax. I don't think it's real. On another note: Why must every creature have to be 'evil' or 'demonic' just because it looks different?

  15. You didn't mention the craziest (funniest) part of the final video – the guy, upon seeing the "demon" 😂, called his pastor, who (in the segment not shown) started 'speaking in tongues', and attempting to 'cast out' the demon……down the phone, through a door, and at the other end of the garden 😄.
    It's clearly just some local arsehole in a morph-suit, messing with some poor schmuck.
    Is it a neighbour? A local teenager?
    I don't believe that the poor guy in the house is in on the 'joke', as he sounds like he might be genuinely frightened.
    Being in the USA, it would be great to think that he could have loaded up the 12 gauge with birdshot, and shot the 'demon' – birdshot, not buckshot – that's a murder charge when he kills the 'demon'.
    Either that, or a baseball bat.
    You've got to wonder what kind of arsehole does that to someone.
    I'll bet that the householder knows the joker in the suit, and he knows that he's not going to get shot, because he knows that householder doesn't own a gun.
    As for the other clips – the first one is undoubtedly CGI.
    The second one is strange – there seems to be parallax, but only in part.
    The third one is kinda creepy.

  16. First ones a hoax elaborate enough to be strange but a hoax. Second ones a smudge on the glass or reflection, its obviously motioning the same as the other reflections and moves with the camera. Thirds probably a hoax or pareidolia. Fourth, it's a hoax. It never crossed some invisible line, never turns around, and I'm pretty sure towards the end you can see the person running back towards the other entrance to the left in a more upright position.

    Yes, I'm fun at parties.

  17. Dark matter if you look at the end of the last video look hard and u can see a second one after the first one runs off to the right.. crazy shit man good video👽👽

  18. 1st Video Hollywood film / The Descent… 2nd reflection on the windscreen … 3rd & 4th Im loosing the will to live… How fucking Gullible are people … Does anyone really believe this total crap… Unsubscribed !!!

  19. If this thing is actually out there, ripping people's sanity apart, and invading bedrooms through locked and sealed doors like the creepypasta loves to depict, it's definitely not friendly, and shouldn't be approached without some kind of protection. Great upload Dark Matter! You freaking rock!

  20. Something is just off about the last one. The way the guy describes whatever that is, is just weird. And I quote… "Should you call the police? No Mike, it's like a weird sci-fi, demonic entity." "Oh my God Mike…. " Yeah something's not right with this guy. But that's my opinion.

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