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  1. A girl having a phone outside of a house in the late 1990s bugs me. I know that cellphones where around but kinda expensive. Just throws me off a little. Good story though

  2. Story#2- If that creep really did get life in Prison for what he did to those young boys that's great, but I'm very curious to know how the cops got a warrant to look at his computer & find all the evidence proving he's a pedophile.
    "Hey we just arrested this man for hitting/attacking a teenager, I think we should ask the judge for a warrant to search his computer" …. that's just so random🤔

  3. when u accidentally get kidnapped by a crackhead and then somehow go along with it for 6+ hours

    also i love your crack ho/fake-rich girl voice, hellfreezer ♥

  4. Sorry but there is a huge difference between nievity and stupidity i can't comprehend how someone can not get that obviously the person u r dealing with is scamming u even without intense street smarts or even a great education when they beg u for money not use the money yet… but then want to have u pay to drive them all over Gods creation to pay u back….. 18 yrs old been taught … told or not experienced anything of great value or trauma common sense should still be up there on ur knowledge scale

  5. Why does this poor soul let "Beth" bully her/him for hours riding around in an Uber and forcing to take cash out by various schemes? Just take your phone back and ask an Uber driver to take to you to the closest Police station or Fire Station. Get away from this nut job, put distance between you. Does Beth have gun to your head? If not, ask the store clerk to call the cops. You are way too nice. Stop being so nice, grow a spine, walk away, get help. and get away.

  6. Been re listening, and catching up on some uploads… ty Hellfreezer for making it a bit better while trying to get over this horrible flu. 🤒😷🤧🤢🙏🏻👍🏻☺️🍂🍁👻🎃

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