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  1. Where do you get your dark ambient music for the background? I love ambient music. Could you please tell me where you get this stuff?

  2. in the first story he doubts if these things are smart enough to plan things like that, if skinwalkers are real, then yes they would be smart enough. the legends say that skinwalkers were human once so they would be some level of intelligent and supposedly they live a very long time. with the second story i have heard it before but this time there is a part missing, the storyteller recounted at the part where he saw the thing holding his friends body by the shirt he also said something about its penis hanging out being covered in blood as well…. gross but did you just decide to leave it out?

  3. Kid you not the first one was alright? you know it didn't get me as much.. but the second story.. bro holy shit! you guys can't tell me this shit isn't real.. The way that the dude described the skinwalker.. and holy shit I've never heard another skin walker story with such detail.. these creatures are real man.. keep friends close.. I don't fuck with this shit I'm black like.. noo

  4. Scary! Chant OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA for 108 times to protect ourselves from scary images or evil / negative spirit disturbance. It can also calm our mind from bad energy. This is the mantra of an enlightened Tibetan Buddhist deity.

  5. This is…very strange. I've never seen or heard of a skinwalker looking or behaving in this way. However the fact that Skinwalkers are natural shapeshifters through Najavo ritualism, plus that circle, makes this very plausible.

  6. I don't know what it is, of all things, that makes the skinwalker so especially terrifying.

    The idea of a fast-moving monster that flits past in the blink of an eye is obviously a little chilling, but with the wendigo, it's more than that. It's the mimicry, I think – not just that they mimic, or even that they do it so well, but the realisation one inevitably comes to that the only reason people see through the mimicries is pure instinct and luck.

    I can't imagine the horror of it.

    A too-thin figure of strange proportions, humanity tainted bt elements from deer, coyotes and ancient horrors unnamed… But hearing that figure whisper to you, call for you, scream for help, in the voice of your mother, your best friend, your spouse– or worst of all, I suppose, hearing that thing speak to you in a voice that should be your own.

    Skinwalkers, man. They give me the heebie-jeebies.

  7. The only way to prove skinwalkers are real is to capture footage of them. however, there is no footage and this triggers me. I am going to risk my life one day and I'm going to capture footage, who's with me?

  8. Too many holes in the 2nd story(the guy would be in jail for murder since he was the last known person to see his friend alive and would have his DNA on his person), the first was ok but still… Thanks for the narrations though 🙂

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2 Scary Skinwalker Stories (Video)

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