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  1. Lace the areas where Bigfoot is supposed to be with infrared trail cameras, we have the technology, so if you really want proof do that…..

    Also we can get heat signatures using planes, fly over large areas at night recording heat, we already know what bear, moose, deer, wolves, and elk and cougar look like, so gee, if there is something really strange on the scope that we have not cataloged gee wiz, that might be proof of Bigfoot. We have that technology….

  2. If Bigfoot were found to be mostly human then they would have rights that us city dwellers have. They could be qualified to receive government compensation, housing deals, education grants and every basic right that the rest of enjoy (including voting). That is why they (the Government) will not recognize them officially.

  3. Big foot is real.. Seen one near Ludington Michigan, Deep forest off. My Grandfather's 40 acres…My trail bike stalled on a trail..my grand father made.. Heard crunching noises about 30yrds from me.. As. I was trying to kick start my bike… I stopped listened then heard crunching again.. At this time I had chills amd my hair stand up on my neck..at first I thiugh maybe deer or. Some forest animal.. But then when I heard the 2nd crunch noise I. Looked in the direction of sound.. I seen a shadowy figure.. I would say 7ft.. I'm 6ft6 so kind of have reference as height.. He ran off. The hairy figure with long arms was super fast… I started my bike chased it… Riding off trail threw ferns and. Sticks I couldn't do more than 20 miles and hour.. The Sasquatch was beating me and getting further ahead.. Then I had a patch of clearing.. I gunned it… Them this huge hairy beast.. Jumped down in a rivine.. Pitch black.. I stopped.. Then I was like ohh crap.. Maybe he's getting his friends..i turned around went back to my grandfather's house.. Sat down at table..i was in a trance for. 30 min.. After what u just seen I was pretty wired and still had that nervous feeling.. Like when I first saw him or her- Bigfoot standing behind that tree staring at me.. I still Remeber the cold air in the dence forest feeling.. And this sunlight beaming down on the trees the creature was standing behind.. Created this orange Brown color of hair.. Why did I chase it.. You maybe thinking… Not sure curiosity.. I was bug guy strong 24 years old.. But after I thiught about it… Maybe it was not the the smartest thing to do…. I Remember that morning in June 21 1996.. Very vividly.. My grandfather and father said they believed me.. They said when they seen me at the kitchen table. When I came in.. Back from that sighting. Looked like I seen a ghost.. As I'm writing this I get the chills.. I know what I saw… I would never disregard someone's bigfoot sighting.. Because people that have not seen one.. Just do not. Know.. What it's like.. Bigfoot is real.. I seen it. Running clearly.. As day.. I will never forget..I. Don't tell the story that much.. Told my kids.. Because they love the story some family.. But I usually just get u seen a bear or. Laughs.. Bears won't run this fast.. I chased for 1/2 a mile.. But I felt. Like telling who ever reads this…. I feel honored to be one of the lucky ones that did… It was a special and also scary day

  4. In the early 70s the government issued information on animals in national parks and it had Sasquatch as one of the animals. So they know about see if you can find it. It was like a National Geographic type of printing

  5. really interesting to hear an official weight w/ height. i once tried to tell people that the bf i saw, later meausured to be just under 10 feet tall, to be at least 800 pounds. lol i was young but i knew it was 4 x size of my dad. thank you for validation.

  6. The Smithsonian has been exposed for hiding and denial of all the human skeletal remains of giants found so if they got the "Bigfoot" body then it is a cover up! Gone! they are as bad as NASA and that really stands for never a straight answer.

  7. Here are the 3 news paper articles IE: the 1962 storm>

    (1st Newspaper article)
    As of yesterday there is still no identification on the strange animal found on Dew Ridge in Southern Oregon on November 8th. The creature is something still unidentified but is said to be some kind of a mutant human gorilla type. It was found deceased by a crew of men who were clearing debris from nearby roads. It was apparently killed by a Douglas Fir tree in the massive windstorm of October 12th . Officials from Unites States Forest Service are not commenting on the find. A unnamed source said the creature was covered in dark hair and was not any known animal to any of the people present at the site. People nearby in Cave Junction claim it is the creature in Indian legend known as "SASQUATCH". Indians claim for hundreds of year these creatures roamed the deep forest of America. The name for the creature means "Wildman of the Woods according to Johnny Duncan a Klamath Indian. The animal was removed by Forest Service officials and was sent to a lab in California according to the locals in town. The Forest Service spokesman wound not confirm or deny the animal. Story by Clayton Lewis chief reporter for The Independent Daily

    2nd Newspaper article

    Amity News Source November 14,1962. CREWS FIND LEGENDARY BIGFOOT. A logging crew contracted through the US Forest Service found what some say is the legendary bigfoot. The being is a large manlike hominid according to local wildlife biologist Kirk Hansen. The name bigfoot gained popularity in 1958-59 when a contractor in Northern California found large prints of a unknown animal on a narrow dirt logging road. The bigfoot found by the crew is said to be female in sex and very heavy in build. The animal was badly decomposed state but was still in tact enough to identify as a species not known. A call today to the ranger station produced no information on what the being or animal might be. Though several pictures of the animal are circulating about in the surrounding area the forest service said no information nor identification has been made.

    3rd Newspaper article

    On a clear and cold November day of last last year the crew of Griffy and Laird Company were looking for trees blocking the road from O'Brien to Greyback on the Oregon California border. What they found was nothing short of astonishment when approaching a large downed tree. At first it appeared that a very large black bear had fallen victim to the windstorm of October 12th. Upon closer examination of the animal the crew saw a foot and a left arm and hand protruding from under the tree. No known species of animal could explain the body as any known animal that is native to the Pacific Northwest. It was like a large hair covered man only with features somewhat like a prehistoric human or neanderthal but larger than any known to exist. Apparently the animal had been crushed by a large tree blown over in the storm. The proper authorities were quickly dispatched to the scene and took the animal away for further examination by forensic experts. No further word on what the examination found but in a curious turn about face the Forest Service said is now saying no such animal was found,removed or shipped anywhere. In the meantime many of the people in the area have seen pictures of the dead animal and are accusing the Forest Service of trying to hide the animal from the public .

    This article from March 1963 from The Valley Times. All the names from the district office of USFS were blacked out from this article.

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1962 BIGFOOT CORPSE! – Mountain Beast Mysteries Episode 15. (Video)

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