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  1. Hey guys! I might soon do a video about scary things caught on camera by *you guys*. If you have any scary footage that you recorded yourself, be sure to send it to my email. Email can be found in the bottom of the description of this video. For now though, enjoy this very lengthy Bigfoot video!

  2. Any "bigfoot" sightings are just homeless people who are living "off the grid" and wearing the skins of animals they killed to stay warm. There's no such thing as bigfoot. Any weird walking can be easily attributed to them having bad bones and joints due to lack of proper nutrition and medical care.

  3. No. 3, you're turkey hunting, put the camera down & pick the shotgun up. A body makes better proof than a video.
    That's why I don't believe in Bigfoot cause some good ol' boy would've done shot one by now.

  4. The dog could also be reacting to someone it knows and is running playfully towards them or confused as to why they’re dressed like an ape. However, that thing is HUGE – it’s moving very quickly in a short number of steps that are comprised of large strides

  5. Listen to some youtube videos by a man named Rocky Elmore. Of the many things he will talk about, they were patrolling the border for illegals one night heard something and were told by the tower that a "large predator" was tailing them to get back to base. A LONG time later, that controller said that he only allowed them to assume it was a cougar in the thermal scope. What he actually saw in the thermal scope was a human like figure over 11 feet tall, or about 3.35 meters for our cousins in Europe.

  6. Great roundup of good videos. — 13 – Her reaction seems within normal to me. Definitely something there, bipedal. Man in suit? Actual creature? Curious about the gathering? Smelling food? Impossible to decide with this video, but interesting one. Good find. / 12 – That the creature doesn't hear this dweeb indicates hoax, but the gait mimics the Patterson/Gimlin film, so maybe guy in suit. / 11 – Looks genuine, and is eerie, but insufficient detail of course. / 10 – This is very interesting behavior to have caught. Looks real. Walking like a human is part of what Sasquatch does. / 9 – Certainly looks like a gorilla or Sasquatch. Could be pareidolia but not necessarily. / 8 – It looks hurt, it's limping. Interesting but yes, can't decide due to quality. / 7 – Just leaning there watching them. Interesting, with an aura of confidence. "You're in MY house now, humans." / 6 – Looks like a person to me, there seems to be a jacket or shirt flapping. / 5 – Nice one, and the casual toss results in a rock thrown quite a distance, accurately. Unlikely a fake. This is as usual too blurry to decide, but it's a good clip. / 4 – Dixie macho; he sounds legit. As to the animal, looks real. Can't tell, but are there so many decent primate costumes out there? / 3 – If they eat deer, they'd eat us. Just saying. Having a pair in view is unusual, and this is an interesting video precisely for its lack of drama. Are "Bigfoot" wild people in ghillie suits? / 2 – The bison are framed well and in focus but the others look more like a team of hunters to me. Hikers in coats and so on. It does seem out-of-scale. Longer arms are illusion due to parka and mitts. Although we'd see ski poles if they were cross country skiers. / 1 – This is remarkable, and definitely shows something very hard to have faked, the throwing of a heavy tree quite a distance. Sure seems to be beyond a human's ability.

  7. The 5 or 6 Sasquatches walking up to the buffalos where all taller than the buffalo and it didn't take long to walk up to them with out spooking any of them no problem like stealth mode

  8. Hey im from wilkesboro nc my name is michael and i just wont to saythe 1st video was like a time up in the mt im a tember cuter and i just cut down the last tree of the day
    When a cuple of yards down hill at 1st i thought was my co worker so i just ask are u ok case the way he was standing there was like he,s was wacthing me when he did not
    Say anything i began to walk down to him thats when the u no what hit the fan it made like a grunt at me and trund and just took off thats when i saw it was coverd if black hair
    I couldent see u no it was next to dark it was only when it let me get like about 40 50 yards from it thats when i new this was no man well i only had a chain saw and my blad sharper
    And i walking down hill. Way up in the mt about the same time my boss came up to get the last of the trees he thoght i was sick he sad you look like a ghost i told the him and the old cuple that ownd the land were i was working and both the ol man and he,s wife sad o you saw are budy we were all taken back the old man went on say he feeds it apples he showed me wete they put the food for it so i got my friend to take me back up to were i saw it and left it some frut i had for my lunch the next day it was gooneand i didnt put it on the ground i put it up on a tree branch weather it got it or something else got it ill never no but i can tell u up until we got done with the job every day i was up there i heard something moveing around no grunts just walking around on two legs and u no the deff but i had a gun just in case but my name is michael im on my wifes youtube acc i love this chan

  9. I'm sorry but if I thought I was filming a Bigfoot I would run after it, all thoughts of safety forgotten…. Bigfoot doesn't exist, it's just ppl in suits. And that's coming from someone that's wanted it to exist since I was a kid.

  10. 2 and 3 are fake..3 is two guys carrying what looks like coats and wearing a ball cap 2 is skiers, when the first one comes out from behind the trees ,they're walking carefully as if they don't wanna slip and fall on ice ( a BIGFOOT have to do that) and they're all three looks like they're wearing cargo pants and a lot built a lot smaller than a BIGFOOT….

  11. BF is a democrat, reads the newspapers, and fears not humans because he believes in gun control. Pound for pound he is the baddest in the jungle. I know he likes to twist up long guns, and he protects his farm like no other farmer.


  13. There's no way that tree is 20 feet long, that would make that Bigfoot about 5 feet wide and possibly over 10 feet tall since it looks like it's crouching. I think 10 to 12 feet might be closer to correct. The surrounding trees might be twice that.

  14. Who's to say that Bigfoot isn't a human? Apes, chimpanzees and gorillas share pretty much 90+% of the same DNA as us and we don't even consider them human when they're not really less human than us save for a bit of different DNA, and DNA changes. What if someone shot a Bigfoot and a DNA analysis was done and it was found that they were just really large hairy humans? What would the implications be? Would they be charged and go to jail for murder? How about when someone does it to another primate other than human? Though they may only have 99% of the same DNA, I'm sure we have fellow humans walking among us that have 1% or more different DNA from other humans also walking among us, so are other primates also human? Are we not human and all just monkeys? Small monkeys imitate things that people do, including stealing, smoking and drinking, and that's without people training them to do it or making them do it, just wild monkeys stealing peoples cigarettes and alcoholic drinks. Gorillas can learn sign language and communicate almost as well as anyone else. What really makes them different from us besides looks?

  15. My daughter told me about u now I'm hooked..
    Good u tubers .word of mouth grows ur sub's so keep 👆 the great work😉btw..on coast to coast they did dna on hair and found it to be unknown animal.

  16. Video ruin being full of the opinions of others claiming it's fake because of how it walk durwood whatever how the hell would any of those people know any more than I would nobody freaking know so why talk to the whole video when ruin it

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13 Scary Bigfoot Videos That Are Unexplained (Video)

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