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  1. Actually I am pretty sure sharks do not sink instantly as when a fish dies its bladder expands which is what causes it to float.. I do not think that applies to the Meg thou considering it’s immense size

  2. A sailor went to sea sea sea

    To see what he could see see see

    But all that he could see see see

    Was the movie movie movie

    Then at the end he could see see see

    A dead megalodon in the sea sea sea

    Getting eaten by tiny sharks sharks sharks


  3. Tell that to the giant squid the first Megalodon tore apart. No food? I think there is enough. One squid should feed a smaller Megalodon (which is the first one we see) and easily should sustain it for a little while.

  4. i know right! why cant we just enjoy movies without them being spoiled, and also he wasnt a bloody scientist so he wouldn't know what he was talking about… but just saying…. if a megalodon was hiding at the bottom of the world, even if he was somehow able to adapt to those deep sea climates, and not evolve to eventually lose his eyes, he would explode if he went up to surface level, and here is a experiment to test that… take potato chips (un opened) up a mountain and you will see that it will swell up and maybe even explode, now, the mariana trench is bigger than mount everest and australias tiny mountains (in comparison) are enough to pop a chip bag, imagine what it would do to a meg, also sharks cant stop swimming or they'll die and it stopped outside the glass pipe.

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