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  1. There is no purpose on hunting….the worst thing is that humans kill the best specimen and the worst is left behind… Though….human hunting…….human pest……yes, the hunters deserve it.

  2. Man in story 1 sounds more like a Dark Fey pretending to be human, than a Skinwalker. The way it bent space sounds more Fey-like to me.
    And I'd believe my kid if they told me what happened. As a witch myself, I know there's more to the world than most people will see or acknowledge.😺

  3. It's taken me a couple of days to listen to this. Just don't have the time nowadays. Great read as usual. Thanx for giving some love to NT. I still have a few more of yours to listen to, so I'm good for another day or 2.

  4. Heard your reply to the hunting comment and you're 100% WRONG. Lions and rhinos are NOT PESTS they are ENDANGERED SPECIES and are illegal to hunt. Hunting should NOT EVER BE ALLOWED as source revenue as IT IS NOT A FUCKING SPORT!! A sport signifies all parties involved are AWARE that they're involved and agree to be involved. Animals arent aware or in agreement. As well, these hunters ARE NOT in this for "other reasons" besides to feel better for having tiny dicks so the fact that you DEFENDED THIS SHIT made me lose the entire amount of respect that I had for you. This was beyond ignorant. If you hunt to feed your family, that is acceptable. Any other reason? You deserve to be shot, skinned alive, and burned at the stake. Animals were here before us and it is our encroachment on their home that is causing their plight. The fact that you dont even recognize this is shit. Unsubscribed, even though it wont hurt your count. This is being done on principle.

  5. The last male Black Rhino in the world has just died due to poaching and from over hunting…If someone is hunting for fun and not for food then they are looking to dominate…. please try to know something about what you're talking about….. unless it's in a well stocked area, legally, and for food, hunting is not a fun past time … it is just cruel ….the old "hunting tourism generates revenue" is a load of rubbish… safari tourism without hunting generates for more Revenue and conserves animals rather than killing them. There's nothing more cowardly and pathetic than killing a beautiful animal for fun.

  6. I smelled a putrid smell at the gas station bathroom today I half expected a skinwalker to be in the stall when I opened the stall door 😱! In all seriousness though I think Skinwalkers May be behind some of the missing 411 disappearances, but that’s just my personal opinion.

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