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  2. Look I’m only 3 mins into the video and the very first story has the guy saying he goes to bed at 8:30… isn’t this guy JUST dreaming. I like paranormal shit but gimme a break!

  3. Look up 'The Allies of Humanity Briefings', free online, to comprehensively understand the reality and intentions of the extraterrestrial intervention. These are perhaps the most important documents in the world today.

  4. If any one wants this to stop get yourself a guard dog. I’m not muslim but Mohamed said Angels don’t like dogs they keep them away from your house there fore kill the dogs. There is wisdom in that get a dog two would be better.

  5. How can anything breath under jelly??? 1st story!!! Fake as Fuck aliens do not say (exactly )they say (correct)!!!i wish aliens could make me cheeseburgers!!!

  6. These Videos, in addition to the numerous Space Sci-Fi media that I have consumed over my 20 years on earth, have assisted me in developing my own Star Trek/Firefly-esque Sci-fi story. Look for it on Wattpad!

  7. People say the government covers up the existence of aliens. If this the case, why the hell would the government do this event though they know people are abducted and have had horrible things done to them?

  8. #6 is the worst friend ever he just cock blocked his mate from being a sex slave for a hot blonde alien.i wouldnt tell your mate either you would get a slap up the side of the head from me

  9. Anyone who declares
    Romans **10:13 in faith has power over all these so called aliens because Luke **10:19 is inherited.

    Aliens are Demons; thus what became known as the hybrid "Demi"-god Pharoahs of the earth that "aliens" (fallen beings of Light) intermixed with and why their bloodlines are still in Power today.

    Ephesians **6:12
    "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood (let's repeat: for we wrestle NOT against flesh and blood), but against Principalities, against Powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world (meaning this realm we live in), against SPIRITUAL wickidness in HIGH places"…so we wrestle against SPIRITUAL WICKIDNESS IN HIGH PLACES and principalities which all work for Satan and rule over the 2nd heaven = "Space" which is under the dome.

    Luke **10:18 shows how Satan was cast out to this plain (that was designed specifically for us) from the 3rd Heaven where God's kingdome resides.

    We are covered by a dome-like shield (Rainbows are created from the reflection of this prism-like Dome which has water over it thus your blue sky) and cannot be visited by anything other than what God has created and the Watchers have intermixed.

    So called Pleidians are Ex-angelic beings of Light and have the power to morph as comfirmed in 2 Corinthians **11:14 and declared by abductee accounts. Even Light-being Luz-ipher (name meaning the Light-Bearer) Satan has gone under the guise of "Mr.Flash" of the Pleidian "Galactic Federation of Light" and has posed as other beings.

    Luke 10:19 reads "Behold, I have given you authority to tread upon Snakes and Scorpions and against all the power of the enemy"
    ● Serpents=The Serpent seed thus Satan the Snake. These are the "gods" of old who decieved mankind in ancient times and are working on it again (aka the Benei "Elohim" = Fallen angels that the Roman Catholic church is trying to pass off as the creators of mankind today which is a lie, they only intermixed humans and corrupted dna just as they still do through abductions today) and the abomination creations that extend from them, Satan and his angels.
    ● Scorpions = Demons, Alien Grey worker class Demons and all classes of Demons beginning starting with the fallen Angels.

    …BUT for those that declare Romans 10:13 Luke **10:19 reads to you "Behold, I have given you authority to tread upon Serpents and Scorpions and against all the power of the enemy.." Spiritual power over all demons is added to you.

    Thousands of would be abductees have forced aliens to flee simply by calling our creator/father's name which is JESUS, OR by COMMANDING them to leave in Jesus name. Suppressed information that has been on file through studies that were conducted long ago.

    Reptilians are of the serpent seed, they are demons.

  10. some chill music.. libtard hipster talk for sjws in the ivory towerthat preach no hate but dont know what its like living with subhumans…awesome…

  11. The 3rd story about being caged and tied is fake. Aliens don't do that. They use mind control to pacify and immobilize people. The 4th story is fake as well. Abductions don't just spontaneously happen after watching your first alien video on YouTube. They usually occur beginning in childhood and continue through adulthood or at least through puberty. The 5th story seems fake as well. I didn't hear anything that would be familiar to a real alien abduction invent. The 6th story likewise is fake. If the aliens come for a person that is with other people then they make the other people be paralyzed and kept in a deep sleep. Sometimes they are still conscious but are paralyzed and can't move. Every now and then another person might wake up and sit up in bed. In these instances the aliens tell them to lie down and go back to sleep and the person always does so because it's a form of mind control. Also, the aliens rarely if ever come for any other person near their chosen abductee. Number 7 may or may not be true. It's hard to tell. There are cases where the alien will heal a sick abductee, probably a form of insurance for their chosen specimen. About the alleged substance found in the hole in her brain, never heard about that before but the doctor's reaction is typical. In cases where doctors have removed implants they say they are going to have it tested but it always disappears before any tests can be performed and in some instances abductees believe that the doctor willfully stole it, perhaps to turn it over to government agencies. Stories 8 and 9 just don't jive with most abduction accounts and there is too little information to truly base an opinion on. The first story is the most believable. It contains multiple procedures and things that often are reported in abduction events. The only problem I have is that the person claims there were about 15 people screaming at the top of their lungs. The aliens would NEVER allow that to happen. They use mind control to immobilize and incapacitate people so nobody would be allowed to cause a scene like that.


  13. I am a contactee and ive heard of the breathable gel ,but it was pink.and I was in Ultra foods and got a glow in the dark green zeta that was in pink slime.blew my mind ,does the toy maker know or was it placed in their imagination.

  14. im trying to gofund me ,about helping kids and adults with P.T.S.D.no one donates ,but 60 views ,do I need a bank account im gonna show vid. of me giving tents and blow up beds to the homeless around Chicago.pls help

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