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  1. A spinning top will fling water OFF. Randomly shaped containers of water, when shaken then allowed to settle, the water will ALWAYS be flat and level. These two SCIENTIFIC FACTS support flat earth but go against globe theory, can anyone give two empirical demonstrations proving earth is a globe please, so I can then start to believe in "Aliens?" I will also pay £150 to anyone who produces these empirical demonstrations proving globe earth.
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    2 Must be empirical demonstrations.
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  2. the universe is way to big for just us. There are millions of planets in this milky way. there are millions of milky ways which are all a universe. And there are probably also multible universes. The multiverse

  3. To be honest if I was confronted by another life. I wouldn't tell a soul, me knowing is all I would need. If others were supposed to know they would let themselves be seen

  4. In ever expanding universe how can people be so arrogant as to deny another if not thousands of other life forms, think about it the universe is constantly expanding but what into?

  5. The one thing I have to say about planets that may have other life forms because the planet is similar to ours is, yeah life forms can live there, but tbh life forms can live anywhere. We are on earth with oxygen and all that and we have evolved to need it, but if we started here then life forms can start off anywhere, they evolve to grow accustomed to where they started off, they don't need what we need. So for all we know every planet can have a life forms on it ( I probably sound like an idiot or a lunatic rn)

  6. #4 area 51 ultra high security enter and lethal force can and will be used, simply to protect the research and development of ultra top secret aircraft and other military orientated technology, that are designed and tested would you like enemy spy's to get their hands on that technology? NO that's why area 51 is simply a No Trespassing, lethal force will used area, what ever goes on in that place helps to keep the so called Free World safe, if it seems wrong I question you? would you like to tell all of us your dirtiest and secret doings, I don't think so, yours won't save humanity but the doings of area 51 might help keep us safe from an enemy threat from Terra Firma or Celestial. So what ever happens there we will eventually see the answer we just have to patient and wait

  7. one more ting if aliens are on this planet we do not have to move to anather planet,becase it kud take very long to find anather planet to move on,if only the richest people want to move to anather planet becase of an invasion,the richest people will do somting very rong abauth living.

  8. this dute talk to have somting to be toking abau ,the latst part ,a red object flyng is obiessly a fake number,if its more entresting abauth th flyng object it kud by abauth a flyng toy helicopter,you kan by that in toy rush.

  9. with the crop theories i think its kinda of thing that is way beyond our knowledge but how i can see this happening is like the moon with the ocean it pushes and pulls waves shapes our landscapes because of a force that we cant see so thinking in a similar sense they could of manipulate certain things in our universe forces we don't full understand because if it was done by a ufo they would of atleast seen something because even a alien aircraft will have some kind of thing humans can notice some kind of exess energy or light produce if it didnt make them crops

  10. These 10 examples aren't really evidence they are just possibles ,I'm a believer in the E.T. hypothesis but for 99% of the world population they'll need to see it with there own eyes , that's just the way it is.

  11. Thanks Mat, I´m in my 40ies, but in the way you present things, bulging eyes an handgestures, I thouhgt this is a talk to children.Puting that aside I found it rather interesting good job

  12. aliens are afraid becouse look what we did about 100 years ago ww2. what would hapen if all humans were on the same team with Great wepons and powerful nukes?

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