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  1. The second one I suspect was a human dressed as a statue… The fourth one is the creepiest! And definitely seems genuine. The Jesus one after that, I think looks like a human hanging up there, dressed as Jesus. The skin texture doesn't look like a statue. The one with the doll where her eyes open though, did give me the shivers! The Saint one does look legit. Perhaps her soul is trapped inside the statue? Either way, loved this upload! Made a very interesting morning watch 🙂 Thanks Rick.

  2. I do not believe the video of the statue of Jesus Christ in México. It looks too much like computer created. The other Jesus Christ statues look so real. I am very faithful and pray they are real. But let me just say that if the news on "Primer Impacto" reports it, it must be true! The world may never know…

  3. Anything envolves jesus us fake because he is no longer on the cross. He rose again and ascrnded to heaven. Soo any thing depicting the messiah is fake. And serves no purpose but promotes idol worship which we know God hates

  4. rick, brilliant as usual. and another thing if it's "pixelation", why would there be eyes underneath ? would it not just always be white. but there's eyes under the eyelids. this question is for the people who believe the pixelation excuse.

  5. Clips 9 and 6 seem to be the same statue. with the same head movement. up and down. a bit suspect to me. what do you think ???

  6. It’s a shame that when some of these things happen like the cloak on the second last that someone doesn’t go up with a camera and walk around it and touch to see if someone hasn’t draped a robe on it, but I’m guessing it was a fenced off area, and sounded like it was in India were many have to pay or give something to see something holy, making people do wrong as to make money and to keep miracles going and this happens. It’s so hard to tell because it looks like it has a fence so you can’t get close enough to do this.

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