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  1. Anissa and jesusfm are two an annunaki consciousness examples as  a mans. Radha and Krishna in the past. today they are in the transcendental contact again plus in and yan poles  in action. their new generation lilla need the lower energy from outside for to survive. no respect no conditions for their aliens quality life still. so gopes from the reality nothing gonna on. an annunaki easy in  the contact with them have all their feelings.

  2. the humans are looking for the truth about an annunaki in the past have many facts but indeed naturally cant to realize their empty minds like a monkeys cant a mans. the people were and are the workers meat an energetic meal and pleasure for an annunaki.

  3. No we wern't genetically engineered 6000 years ago. We were genetically engineered 250,000 years ago. If you're going along with Sitchin , get the timeline correct at least

  4. Seems that belief in God, Allah, Shiva or some Ultra Intergalactic Cosmic Super Being etc. that supposedly is The Creator, are all the same thing.

  5. How can someone accidentally shut down a Mars probe? i would imagine that the people that are supervising something like a Mars probe aren't people that need a sign that says "DO NOT PUSH THIS BUTTON!"~_~ , this reminds me about a story that ran back in the '90's that claimed that the Chernobyl meltdown was caused by a dude's accidental hand movement when he sneezed…

  6. We are an experiement.Created.Darvin's 100 years old THEORY(the Bible of Biologists),is full of gaps,unexplainable things and never mention mankind.But all the books with this ancient knowledge,now belongs to a little few(which simply don't want to share their secrets,because things like free energy and other like this-connected with money stuff,are available) or destroyed by the early Cristians as heretic or magik writings.(the religion of peace)…

  7. > hunter gatherers were suvivors of a catastrophe of a lost advance civilizations that were not able to have an opportunity to continue their civilizations. For a few survivors of that lost advance civilization that they were so smart that they have created stone structures that they know it will survive for us to see their lost advance civilizations and the astronomical warning of the next catastrophe for us to be prepared.
    > the lost advance civilization use numbers, shapes & geometry to communicate with us because they would not know how future civilization (which is us) understand their way of communication.
    > for the case of Gobekli Tepe it was like a "time capsule" of the few survivors of lost advance civilizations. (buried not to be altered/damage for us to decipher)
    > why some survivors of lost advance civilization not able to follow thru to transfer the record of their civilization because of the location of where they end up as the result of a catastrophe were all proof & tools of advance civilization were all gone and then slowly they lost their knowledge in an environment with zero advance technology available (because of the catastrophe) then become on what we learned as the hunter gatherers, but not to all survivors of the lost advance civilization who have a chance to put on record of that lost advance civilization by creating stone structures like the Sphinx, Great Pyramid of Giza & other stone structures in South America and maybe in some parts of the World of we least expected.
    > maybe why the Orion was the main message in the Great Pyramid of Giza was that the Lost Advance Civilization survivors were able to escape the Earth's catastrophe and migrated to a planet near Orion
    > and that survivors of Earth's lost advance civilization in a planet near Orion always keeping remote communications with us via "crop circles" and yet we can not decipher them the same as the Great Pyramid of Giza.

  8. i think the bible makes sense as science amongst primatives.

    That incs revelations i just think harvest whilst reading that.

    But not 6.000yrs but 25.000+. We being the 7th humanity.

    Great story. It explains ancient tech. They are our history but not.

    Women swear blind greys just want babies. Undeveloped baby hybrids. If true and let's wonder. Why?

    I like the thought a race wanting to abuse science and evolve faster tinker with the laws of god. But ruined their genepool.

    Now look at the ugly greys they might be immortal but they still age at the normal rate.

    (Wow i just remembered dr michio kaku tell a myth of just that, a greek or Roman goddess fell for a mortal who was granted immorality but the goddess forgot to ask for eternal youth)

    But i get it from the state weve put the pedigree dogs in. Especially the world's most expensive breeds. Ie most genetically messed with. Ruined genepools 100s of defects.

    Just like the blue bloods too with the inbreeding and eugenics look at their family history inc uk royal family.

    Now we humans are starting to look to science to live longer. Cheat death and tackle over population pretty soon.

    So what if a race 1000yrs ahead of us already screwed up and needed a cure. Natural dna close to their own but enough to widen the genepool.

    Just like British bull dog breeders are trying to do now. Using olde tyme lines from the middle east.

    What else good are undeveloped babies. Why does so many woman tell the most haunting stories inc earth meetings with abduction friends. on lie detector. With matching implants its crazy.

    Illuminati what if they are just the chosen familys to lead whats left back into the dark ages. To evolve again.

    Tower of bable could be the last reset.

  9. Who was the idiot who has added the background music to this video? I am unable to hear what the person is explaining . The volume of background music is higher than the speaker….

  10. Reagan knew about the communication that was made between the celestial beings that is why he made that statement. Because he knew what they instructed humankind to do, it was to get rid of the nuke but the government refuse to do that. And they refuse to let the people knew about their communicating with the celestials. While they choose to steal the technology of the small man in the flange ship, by shooting the ship as soon as they saw them.
    Those people in those ship are the original inhabitants of this planet and this planet belong to them. Because of the relationship we have with those small man, they stayed far away from humankind and because of that they make very good progress in their science and become space faring people so that they can go to any quadrant of the universe at anytime. They are the Anta's that is the name give to them by me. And they are dear antler white not greys as insane people is applying to them.

  11. What if we did it in future?we went to space and return to earth after 100 years but because dimension we jump in time and we are few thousand years back!? And you find out that all those pyramids are built by future humans who just back in time … and when they realize there is no one else (aliens) who show people how to build them, the future people teach old one how to build! In the end, we are in the circle of our world! Never ending story! Trap in time. Its just my theory … Even if you think all those paintings about space and creatures in Egypt, India, America are future humans who back in time it will be nightmare
    … and we find out there is nothing else!

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