Penis-Shaped UFO Photographed Over Johnstown, Ontario (Not Kidding)

Is this an indication that they’re screwing with us?

UFOs are available all styles and sizes however the lights on this one would have you ever assume it was  formed like a dong.

A couple of days in the past, readers of a preferred UFO subreddit had been the primary to see this intriguing picture of an ufo. The sighting prompted plenty of reactions and a basketload of male intercourse organ jokes. No one anticipated in any other case, that is the web in spite of everything.

The uploader of the picture, person georgeiscurios stated he noticed the item because it was crossing the St. Lawrence river at roughly 10:30 P.M. It was its uncommon form that caught his consideration and his solely remorse was that his iPhone 5 wasn’t in a position to take a photograph with higher decision.

When I pulled over to take the pic, I assumed to myself “that is an enormous Johnson.”

penis shaped ufo
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The object, which seems large contemplating the obvious distance that separated it from georgeiscurious, slowly moved in a straight line from south to north.

It made no sudden adjustments in route or outlandish maneuvers. Standard plane are required to have blinking lights, however the ones on this object had been strong.

Another factor that regarded strong was the item itself, and the witness claimed “there seemed to be a shape, as these lights all moved in unison and were perfectly parallel to eachother.”

The object was utterly silent because it flew above the witness and as soon as it crossed the river, the lights shut down and it appeared to have vanished.

There aren’t any army bases within the space.

Some had been fast to level out the UFO may have been a blimp however this concept will be simply shut down with one easy argument: the climate wouldn’t allow their secure flight. This time of the 12 months, Canada sees chilly temperatures and windy climate and that may pose a critical hazard to a blimp and its pilots.

If you examine the Goodyear blimp’s schedule, you’ll see they’re solely flying in states with clear, heat climate.

Also, blimps and all different plane are required to have FAA-mandated lighting. This object has no blinking lights. And the form we’re seeing within the picture doesn’t match with a blimp, it appears extra like a zeppelin. But these haven’t been utilized in 80 years so what offers?

Just like a reptilian’s momma, a blimp is fatter than a zeppelin.

Furthermore, blimp engines are noisy and on the market the place it was quiet, the witness ought to have been in a position to hear them. Instead, all he heard was useless silence and doubtless the sound of his personal heartbeat.

A blimp’s function is promoting. Therefore, it’s geared up with lights that make its physique seen to the folks under. The message must be seen to ensure that the blimp to justify its presence.

Evidence appears to counsel this was not a blimp however one thing totally completely different. If it was man-made, then ha-ha, good prank!

If it wasn’t man-made and the work of extraterrestrials, one can solely surprise what their intentions had been.

Among members of the trendy human race, the symbolism of the penis form is well-known. Most of the instances, it doesn’t have a optimistic connotation hooked up to it. Have the aliens understood the intricacies of sarcastic imagery? Are they calling us dicks? Are they saying we’re not so completely different in spite of everything? Was the UFO piloted by teen aliens?

Is this the literal definition of house junk? I’ll see myself out.

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Penis-Shaped UFO Photographed Over Johnstown, Ontario (Not Kidding)

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